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hello here.

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→ GOSSIP GIRL: Blair//Chuck if we ever m


So... uhmm... HI!
wassup people? omg I'm such a bitch for no posting here in SUCH A FREAKIN LONG TIME!!!! it's been so much time... A LOT of things changed in my life and probably in your life too hahah.
I wanna know everything what you guys been through because I have some REALLY INTERESTING NEWS for you all. :))

I don't even know what to start with lol .... It's a looooot to tell but I guess I'll just start with the thing that I kind of have a boyfriend. I mean, is some kind of open relationship.. you know, we say we are just friends but when we see each other we kiss and stuff :D He asked me if I wanted to be with him, I was insecure about it and I told him that we should remain only friends... I don't really know what is going to happen next...
Ohhh I forgot to tell his name is Robert.
Such a lovely name.

*I got a 3 in my math exam, 7 at romanian and 9 at geography. I suck at this, whatever.


Anyway, my life continues with.... TONS OF OTHER THINGS that I probably don't remember right now... :))


Also, I wanna know what you have been doing meanwhile I was gone <3
Here are some lately pics of me.... (just because I missed you guys so much hahaha)

^my mirror was freakin dirty but shhhht! :))

XOXO =**

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I can feel your heartbeat.... <3

OMMGGGG... I haven't post here anything since...like...forever WOW
So, WASSSSUP my friends?? What have you all done while I was gone?
I've been busy with school and stuff... anyway.. I wanna let you know I have TUMBLR: HOT-BLOODED
Is not new... but I just wanted to let you know about it =DDD